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Data Center

Unleash the full power of virtualization in your datacenter. Unifying your computing and fabric resources allows you to maximize the benefits of virtualization while lowering your TCO.  

You’ll be able to transition from your current infrastructure to the unified model without a “rip and replace” approach,  bringing flexibility to your environment. Consolidate traffic with FCoE, centralize management. Use a policy-driven approach for server provisioning. Dramatically reduce the number of components within your solution. Get the whole unified fabric and computing picture.

Borderless Network

Networks are now without borders, connect everyone, from everywhere, with any device at all times. This reality is pushing IT decision makers to make instant connectivity available while supporting a variety of devices. But IT departments also need to be mindful of a significant increase in resource utilization, the evolution of new connectivity technologies, and of course, potential risk to their critical data and IT infrastructure.

That’s where ESI comes in. Our network experts will analyze your existing systems, listen to your concerns, and offer informed recommendations to help you make a wise strategic telecommunications decision that balances reward, risk, and return on investment. 

ESI provides end-to-end network expertise from architecture to implementation.


With increasingly complex IT environments, a vast array of communications tools, and staff that’s on the go more than ever before, how do you maintain control without hindering business growth?

The answer is collaboration. At ESI, we know our way around a datacentre. We’ll help you integrate communications with your business processes, ensure that essential data is accessible to the right people, and enable staff to share ideas and information – however and whenever they want.

By integrating voice and data on a unified network, your employees, partners, and customers will have the freedom and flexibility to collaborate anytime, anywhere.

Unified Computing

Just like many organizations, your datacentre is probably under intense pressure to respond quickly to the demands of your business. 

Unification - along with virtualization and consolidation - not only enhances the ability and speed with which your computing environment can meet business needs – it’s also critical to reducing your operational expenditures. A next-generation data centre platform, unified computing integrates computing resources, network, virtualization resources and management.

We have extensive experience in architecting, installing and supporting unified computing environments. Talk to one of our experts today about how to improve business agility and reduce operating expenditures.

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