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Today's definition of storage encompasses a vast array of hardware, software, and services. ESI has deep expertise in all aspects of storage-related technologies.

Unified Storage

Gone are the days of deploying a unique storage system for each and every application – that outdated approach results in islands of stranded assets that are poorly utilized, hard to manage, and expensive to operate. System administrators become mired in routine and repetitive tasks, and the environment can’t scale to keep pace with exploding volumes of data.  

Shared infrastructure through capacity consolidation. ESI will simplify your storage environment by consolidating all data into one easy-to-manage and easy-to-grow unified storage system – helping you avoid costly data centre expansion.

Realize breakthrough business results with unified storage. 

Data Protection

When data is scattered across a complex infrastructure – in a variety of locations and formats – it can be difficult to manage and safeguard. And that could mean putting your valuable information assets at risk. Not to mention the inefficiencies and high administration expense of running disparate systems.

ESI, along with our storage partners, provide deep expertise in developing data protection solutions that easily scale to protect even the largest homogeneous and heterogeneous computing environments. We’ll help you make the transition to virtualization, and implement technologies like point-in-time snapshot, disk-to-disk replication, and advanced de-duplication, all of which reduce backup time and improve recovery while cutting infrastructure and administrative costs. 

Don’t take risks with your data. Simplify the protection of your information-driven enterprise.

Monitoring & Management

As an organization's data grows in leaps and bounds, so does its storage capacity requirements. In such a quickly changing environment, companies often end up with a fragmented view of their storage infrastructure, soaring administrative costs, and disparate technologies that are difficult to manage and monitor. There is a way to bring infrastructure-wide intelligence to your datacentre.

A monitoring and management solution provides the means to operationally advance virtualization, assure performance of business critical virtualized applications, and meet your organization's storage needs.

With effective monitoring and management tools in place, your IT staff can focus on proactive tasks to drive greater IT efficiency and reduce costs.


Unstructured information – like emails and other files – take up an enormous chunk of an organization's storage capacity and management time. And with increased regulatory compliance laws, IT and Legal departments must work together to develop information retention systems to prevent accidental loss or deletion of records and ensure rapid information recovery.

Using market proven architecture, an open and intelligent approach to automated archiving will help you store, manage and discover unstructured information across the enterprise. :
Secure your unstructured information – wherever it may exist. Reduce storage requirements and lower costs.

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