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Is your IT infrastructure becoming increasingly complex?
Are escalating business demands overburdening your information systems?
Are your IT operational costs out of line with your business model?
Is keeping your organization’s technology up-to-date becoming too risky and expensive? 

The answers are in the cloud. ESI will help you choose virtualization components and a cloud combination that’s best for your enterprise. 

Virtualization technologies allow for the replacement of traditional physical resources – like a hardware platform (servers), operating systems, storage devices, security hardware and network resources – all with virtual components of technology. Through virtualization, computing power becomes a service rather than physical equipmentand is often one of the technologies that comprise a cloud solution.  

Cloud computing utilizes the concepts and components of virtualization to provide infrastructure to the cloud provider, and the cloud uses the virtualization of hardware and software to enable the delivery of service to the client.

Private Cloud

Do you need more control over your enterprise data? Is your business concerned about security, confidentiality and regulatory compliance issues? An internal cloud solution may be just what you need.  

ESI’s cloud building team is skilled at matching business concerns with IT capabilities. We’ll develop and implement an internal cloud computing platform within your corporate firewall, under the control of your IT department. Based on best-of-breed technologies and methodologies, a private cloud solution ensures your data and systems remain secure and confidential at all times.

Public Cloud

As part of the overall virtualization trend in enterprise IT, server virtualization is the division of one physical server into multiple distinct servers.

Would you like to spend more time focusing on your core business and less time worrying about your IT systems? Would you want to maintain consistent IT infrastructure costs without sacrificing service levels? A public cloud solution is a cost-effective and flexible alternative to the traditional on-premise datacentre – and ESI can help you build one.

Hybrid Cloud

Are you reluctant to store sensitive business data offsite, yet like the idea of outsourcing your application environment? Not sure how to maximize the efficiency of your IT infrastructure? A hybrid cloud offers the best of both worlds. ESI plans, designs and executes hybrid cloud solutions that reduce cost and complexity while ensuring data security, integrity and mobility.

Unified Fabric

Are you running separate infrastructures for storage and network resources?  Not only can that result in a doubled operational budget - with two different teams managing two different networks – but it also increases expenditures twofold when you deploy new servers and services. With a Unified Fabric – or converged network – ESI uses a single infrastructure for both SAN and LAN, leveraging data centre bridging protocol.

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