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As a leader in information technology solutions we strive to empower our clients with an edge over technology, unleashing the power of their employees with innovative technology learning solutions. This gives each client the ability to not only get out in front, it gives them the power to stay there.

ESI provides an array of specialized, high-level IT training courses. Training is provided in either English or French and can be held on-site at our customer's premises or at our fully equipped training centre.

ESI also offers flexible, customized training courses for a variety of network platforms and networked applications. These courses may be held on a one-to-one basis or in small groups and are tailored to your specific training needs.

Take note that the training material provided is in French.

New NetApp Training Course

NA-401 - Performance Analysis & Optimization (2 days)

Take advantage of the advanced expertise of our specialists to learn how to optimize the performance of your NetApp FAS or All-Flash storage system!

Module 1 : Introduction
Module 2 : Related components
Module 3 : Functioning of ONTAP
Module 4 : Performance analysis
Module 5 : Case studies
Module 6 : Optimization

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NA-301 - Clustered Data ONTAP Administration (5 days)

Module 1 : NetApp Material   
Module 2: Introduction to NetApp
Module 3: CDOT – Concept
Module 4: Administration Tools
Module 5: Disk Space
Module 6: Physical Components Management
Module 7: Logical Components Management
Module 8: Protocols
Module 9: Features
Module 10: Cluster Monitoring
Module 11: Maintenance
Module 12: Backup
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NetApp 7-Mode Administration (5 days)

NA-101 - Basic Administration
Module 1: NetApp Material
Module 2: Introduction to NetApp
Module 3: Administration tools
Module 4: Disk space
Module 5: Protocols
Module 6: Features

NA-201- Advanced Administration

Module 7: System Monitoring

Module 8: Maintenance
Module 9: Security
Module 10: Backup
Module 11: Lab exercises
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